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Accssoon CineView HE Multispectrum Wireless Video Extra Receiver

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Accsoon CineView HE extra receivers allow you to add additional receiver units to a CineView HE transmitter.


The powerful Accsoon CineView HE professional HDMI Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless standalone receiver is perfect for anyone who needs to reliably send video from their HDMI camera to a HDMI monitor, smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. It has best-in-class transmission latency of less than 60ms with virtually imperceptible lag.

Now you can expand the CineView HE via the dedicated CineView HE receiver units. You can pair up to 4 receiver units to one transmitter allowing for video transmission with nearly undetectable lag up to 1200 feet away.

Just like the latest CineView systems – the CineView HE receiver units are powered by either Sony NP-F style batteries, 7.4v-16.8v DC input, or USB-C power. These options allow the CineView HE to endure long duration shooting via either option. You can also hot-swap NP-F batteries by quickly temporarily switching to DC or USB-C power while changing them.

Adding an additional receiver to your CineView HE system is easy. Just rotate the group number on the receiver to match the group number on the transmitter, and the transmitter and receiver will automatically pair once powered on.

***Please note that the CineView HE receiver units are for CineView HE or SE systems only. This unit will not work with the CineView Quad or CineEye transmitters. ***


Frequency Range:
2412 to 2472 MHz; 5180 to 5580 MHz; 5660 to 5825 MHz
LUT Support:
RF Power:
Video Connectors:
1 x HDMI Input, 1 x SDI Output
Video Format:
1080p at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30,50 59.94, 60 fps; 1080i 50, 59.94/50fps 720p/576p/480p
2.4GHz & 5 GHz
Wireless Range:
1200' / 400 m (Line-of-Sight)
1 Year

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