About Us

Accsoon is continuously striving to develop products that videographers desire and need for the most demanding of shoots.

Founded in 2014, Accsoon Technology Corporation was one of the first companies to apply gyro stabilization technology to high-precision optical products. Accsoon has gone on to develop AHRS (Attitude Reference Systems), as well as IMU (Inertial Measurement Units), and Motorized Direct Drive Optical Stabilization Systems included in consumer handheld pan/tilt stabilization systems. Accsoon has also been highly innovative in the creation of UAV multi-function pan/tilt stabilization systems, cinema grade optical stabilization systems, and motion attitude tracking and measurement systems. Notable products include the A1-Plus and A1-S Gimbals.

Over the past few years Accsoon has shifted their attention towards products that integrate wireless transmission technology as a core part of their function. This includes their latest product: CineEye, a wireless HD video transmission system that allows transmission of any 1080p video signal to a max of 4 mobile devices. The highly touted device allows for videographers, along with their crew and clients to use their existing mobile device or tablet to monitor the framing and exposure of what’s being shot.

This hard work has paid off with much recognition from the industry including awards at the National Association of Broadcasters as well as numerous accolades and praise from the media. By listening to videographers worldwide, Accsoon has ascended to the forefront of the wireless industry and is committed to remain there.