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Accsoon CineView HE Multispectrum Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver

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The Accsoon CineView HE is a wireless video transmission system that lets you send a 1080p video signal from the transmitter to dedicated receivers or iOS and Android devices.


Pro HDMI Wireless Transmission with Dual Band CineView HE

The powerful Accsoon CineView HE professional HDMI Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless video transmitter and receiver kit is perfect for anyone who needs to reliably send video from their HDMI camera to a HDMI monitor, smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. It has best-in-class transmission latency of less than 60ms with virtually imperceptible lag.

Working at distances of up to 1200ft/350m the CineView HE utilizes Accsoon’s state-of-the-art Dual Band transmission and anti-interference wireless technology to guarantee the best result. The transmitter sends the same image twice using 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies, and the receiver then combines the two streams as needed to create a complete single stream. The class-leading results are impressive, and you can easily transmit wirelessly from one end of a football field to the other.

Because CineView HE utilizes both frequencies at the same time it is inherently more stable than its rivals.

Now with UVC Direct Streaming
A new UVC output via USB-C allows direct connection of the CineView HE receiver to a computer for HD live-streaming. With your camera, computer, and cables, all you need is the CineView HE - hugely simplifying the whole process of going live to YouTube, TikTok and other RTMP streaming platforms. The CineView HE receiver can also be used with vision mixers with UVC or HDMI inputs for even greater flexibility.

Smaller, Lighter, Sleeker
The CineView HE sports a sleek new design that is both smaller and lighter than previous models, with transmitter and receiver each weighing in at a mere 200g. The modern fanless design is still extremely solid, being beautifully sculpted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and built to last. The perfect fit for modern mirrorless cameras and smaller cine cameras.

View on any 4 devices at once - CineView RX or iOS and Android phones and tablets
Use up to four receiving devices at the same time in any combination with the same CineView HE transmitter. Connect your choice of CineView receivers and iOS/Android devices using the Accsoon Go app all at once. Multiple people monitoring on-set has never been easier.

Monitor on iOS or Android using Accsoon Go app
The free Accsoon Go iOS and Android app offers a huge range of monitoring and recording features that enhance your shooting. Enjoy high-end features like Focus Peaking, Histogram, False Color, viewing with 3D LUTs and HD recording of the video for instant review and social media sharing. A new feature will even allow recording of the image with LUT applied - perfect for a quick creative look for shared video, or to transform footage recorded Log in-camera to Rec.709 for client review.

The new CineView platform - faster, smaller, cooler
The CineView HE uses an all-new version of the computing platform from the acclaimed CineEye series. After years of painstaking development, the result is a system that is even faster, smaller, more efficient and cooler running than before. As a result, the CineView HE has incredibly low power consumption and a single NP-F970 battery can last up to 12 hours.

CineView HE key features:

1. 2.4GHz+5GHz Dual-Band transmission technology
2. Latency less than 0.06s
3. Long-distance transmission range of 1200 ft/350m
4. HDMI In & Loop-out, UVC Out
5. 1 Transmitter can connect up to 4 Devices - Receivers, smartphones or iPads
6. Fanless design for silent operation
7. TX and RX weigh just 200g each
8. Power by NP-F type battery, DC Input or USB-C
9. Wireless remote monitoring via Accsoon Go App
10. Automatic channel selection for optimal transmission
11. Group pairing knob
12. FHD video and high-quality audio ttransmission
13. Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy construction
14. 1.3-inch OLED screen
15. Update firmware with ease
16. Quick to set up and easy to carry

Power your way from NP battery, DC or USB-C
CineView HE can be powered with NP-F type batteries (NP-F550/750/970) or by a DC port (7.4V-16.8V). Newly added to the CineView HE is the ability to power via USB-C cable (minimum 5V/2A). Multiple power sources can be connected at once providing continuous power fallback in the event one source runs out.

Automatic Channel Selection and easy pairing
At power-on the CineView HE will automatically select the best available channel for audio and video transmission. To pair CineView HE transmitter and receivers simply rotate the knob on both to the same number - it’s that simple. The transmitter and receiver are now successfully paired.

Price and availability
The CineView HE transmitter/receiver kit will be available May 15th, 2022 for a price of $499 from authorized Accsoon dealers.


1 Year
Frequency Range:
2412 to 2472 MHz, 5180 to 5580 MHz, 5660 to 5825 MHz
LUT Support:
RF Power:
Video Connectors:
1 x HDMI Input, 1 x HDMI Output
Video Format:
1080p at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30,50 59.94, 60 fps and 1080i 50, 59.94/50fps 720p/576p/480p
2.4GHz & 5 GHz
Wireless Range:
1200' / 400 m (Line-of-Sight)

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